25 Oct

The reflection of beauty is more powerful, more intense when the surface is calm. Reflections from troubled waters are distorted. Chaos is not the best reflector of serenity and peace.

If a lake understands this, or a river, or an ocean, why not human beings? I have a choice, unlike bodies of water. I have the capacity, but sometimes not the courage…the willingness but not the will…I possess the insight but not the intention. Courage, the will, intention…aren’t those elements that make me human? I pray for the courage of convictions, the will to wonder, and intentions that go far beyond wishing.

I pray to be a reflection of peace that passes all understanding, sacred serenity that only the Spirit can birth, intention with integrity. And I pray that living water will calm, not just the surface of your life, but all the deep currents that flow through your being.

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