Chipped Wing

8 Sep

My guess is that if you have a chip in your wing, it’s tricky to fly straight. Wind currents must feel different,

the wing-flap ratio would be altered, thrust potential would be reduced and there might be a tendancy

to always be, as in this guy’s case, in a constant left turn. A lot of us feel like we’re flying in circles.

If you have a rock in your shoe, you can take it out and walk on with a smile. But if you’re missing part

of your wing, you have to learn to live in ways that often challenge creativity, stamina, and courage.

Life isn’t easy.

But what are the options? Never fly again? Never try? Bees are meant to buzz around from one

sweet flower to the next, and human beings are meant to affirm their humanity,

even if… Even if…

Let nothing hold you back. Chip or no chip, you were designed to be you.

And you are at the top of the OK list.

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