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Me First

16 Aug

Sunday morning…let’s see, what’s on the calendar for this day?
Virtual church and virtual church and virtual church.
Push a button and I’m in Tucson, then Dallas, then Nashville:
blessed by each one.
But even before my virtual traveling, I am prepped by the messages on two little packets of artificial sugar that go into my coffee.  On one:  “leave a little sparkle wherever you go.” Good idea.   On the second packet:  YOU GOT THIS!  Be your best today!”  I got it, and that’s a good idea, too.  But let me translate both into the language of The Way that Jesus left for us:  “Do for others what you would like them to do for you.”
Initiate kindness.  Forgive.  Lend a hand.
Be the first to do it.  Initiate.
Me first…you, too.

In The Eye Of The Beholder

14 Aug


I invite you to sit with this photograph and let it speak to you.
Better yet, have a conversation with it.
On many levels, this provocative cloud formation is a commentary
about life and all of life’s “ologies”…Theology, Psychology, Politicology, etc.

It is multi-dimensional, beautiful and scary at the same time, very fluid, symbolic.
For some of us, the formation is interesting.  For others, informative…at least suggestive.
So, get to know each other and see what thoughts are prompted in your
mind and in your heart.  The time spent will be at least as rewarding as
coffee and cable news.
Press on.


12 Aug


Now isn’t this one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen?
He lives in the fire ravaged Santa Catalina mountains, thus a survivor, too.
He looks like a tiny warrior dressed for battle, but when we met he wasn’t
aggressive, afraid or timid.  In fact, he walked up beside me while I was
taking pictures of a fire damaged area, climbed up on a dirt mound
and stayed perfectly still, those dark eyes locked on my movements.

I asked if I could take his picture and he held his head up a bit higher.
Probably his better side.  I asked how he got here all the way from TCU
in Fort Worth, Texas.  Texas Christian University is the home of
The Horned Frogs.  He didn’t smile.  Maybe horned frogs don’t have
a sense of humor.  Anyway, I blessed him, said goodbye, and
walked away.

At first glance, he is a fierce little guy.  What do they say: “Don’t judge
a book by its cover”?  Not everybody is on the inside how they
appear on the outside.  Creation and its creatures can be
very good teachers, if we would only pay attention.
I wonder what lesson is waiting for me today?
And for you.

Light Heals

11 Aug

When the earth is scarred by accident or irresponsibility,

the Dawning Light brings healing and strength.

Like a soft, warm blanket, Light enfolds sharp edges

and jagged corners until all finally enter that

state of quiet rejuvenation. 

No darkness is too dark.

No pain too great.

No fear too intense.

Light heals.


At The End Of A Long Day

9 Aug


Somehow today, Lord, I’ve gotten myself all tangled up.
I didn’t set out this morning thinking this would happen,
but, here I am.  Help me to sort the stuff in my life,
to untangle the knots, so that I can begin afresh in
the morning.  Show me, too, how to avoid this
predicament in the future.  May I rest in you
this night so that your healing and restorative love
can prepare me for the morning.
I place myself and my life
completely in your hands.

Joining The Morning

7 Aug

Few things are more beautiful than morning over the mountain.

The first hint of the spectacular is the clouds,

gray, then pinkish yellow, then golden around the edges,

then an inferno of yellow flame.

Rays of the almost appearing sun shoot into the sky,

spill down into the valley and paint the mountain

side like an artist’s canvas.

It is worth the wait to sit on the cool

grass and become part of the unfolding.

No day should begin with less splendor.

But, then, how could it?

Look Up

6 Aug

One remains.

In the field of death and destruction,

standing in the remnants of a savage fire,

a lone figure testifies.

A child will ask her parent, “What happened here?”

And the answer will come, “Do you see that one, tall saguaro

up there? Someday he will have many friends with him,

trees and grasses and little animals, and the mountain will be

beautiful again.”

“When, Mommy? Soon?”

“Some day, my love. At just the right time.”

And There Was Light

5 Aug

Just where the shadows end, light begins.

Just when you think there is no way out, there is.

Once I was blind, but now I see.

You, Lord, are my light and my salvation.

I am the light of the world.

Don’t settle for darkness.

Arise, shine for your Light has come.

Life Returns

4 Aug

CAAAAD69-148C-4F0D-A461-D49D9E1FCF15_1_105_c    Even though much of the Catalina State Park was burned, life continues and green shoots and sprouts are already visible.  Amazing how the earth replenishes and renews itself after disaster.  Firefighters on the ground and in the air deserve our thanks and blessings for their heroic efforts to save the land.  Be thankful today for brave and dedicated men and women who serve our communities.
Thanks be to God.






3 Aug

To the point, isn’t it.

The directive hangs over the entry door to a small
restaurant in the White Mountains of Arizona.
If you can’t be kind, then be somewhere else.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be kind.
A smile, a nod, a wave.
And the expression of kindness doesn’t
have to be reactive.  It’s not “You be kind to me
and I’ll then return the kindness.”
No, set it in the context of those ancient words:
“Do unto others….”
Especially in the mood and the events of our
present moment, kindness is needed.  So
today look for a way to express kindness to
people you encounter.  A nod of the head,
a hand wave, a smile…but…I know — I’m
going to carry a 3×5 card on which I will
write:  “Behind this mask, I’m smiling at you.”

Create kindness and you’ll feel better, too.