Taking The Wider View

1 Aug


Sometimes if we just took a wider view, it might make life
a lot easier.  Narrow views often miss the better solution
or the easier way.  Here’s an example.  This poor guy
sees only the obstacle and knows he has to get over it.
So he climbs.  But if he would just take a step back,
examine the broader situation, consider his options,
he might save time, energy and the cost of emergency
room treatment.

Built into the human body, located between the ears,
is a thing called a brain.  The Designer of the human body
included it in the whole package for a good reason.  To reason.
So, when faced with an obstacle, back up, take a broad view,
consider alternatives, don’t turn down good advice,
pick the best option, and then go for it.

But before you go, thank The Designer for that amazing
thing between your ears.  Parents, politicians, and people in general,
would benefit from using it often.

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