Beginning The Day

20 Jul


It happens when I least expect it.  Turn a corner and there
You are.  Say goodbye to a friend and then realize that I have
been in the presence of Presence.  Today I do not plan to look
for You, that way You can surprise me.  But I will meet You
halfway…I will be attentive to life around me.  I will try
to see with my soul and hear with my heart, and in faith I
know that somewhere along the path, I will become aware
of Awe.  And there we are.

May this day bring us invitations to love kindness, do justice, and
walk as humble followers of the Light.  May we be bold enough to
bathe in Living Water, wise enough to talk with the earth of her
beauty and her pain, and humble enough to stand in the
revealing light of your love.
May peace abide in my heart and bless everyone I meet.
May it be so.

One Response to “Beginning The Day”

  1. gz July 20, 2020 at 9:51 am #

    With your attitude, it will be so.

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