11 Jul


I wrote recently about wonderful sights observed through my magic window.
I mentioned walkers and bikers and traffic, but I have been reminded
that I overlooked some special folks who live in our community.

They stopped by after hearing about my writing, pecked on my door
and let me know they were not pleased, having been left out
of the list of walkers.  I apologized and told them I would
remedy my oversight.  So here they are in their early
morning glory…Mom, Dad and seven children.
It’s a big family by current cultural norms.
But they are valued in our neighborhood, because they are good
neighbors, pleasant to be around.  They bring a unique outlook
on life.  So, I apologize for not including them.    I’m glad we
don’t all look alike, and think alike, or see the world
in the same way.  I think life is better when
variety is valued.


One Response to “Neighbors”

  1. gz July 11, 2020 at 8:32 am #

    Here’s to God’s different and varied world.

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