Puzzle Pieces

4 Jul


I can’t decide whether to write about life’s pieces joined together, or
the need for perserverance, or patience, or how much I dislike
jig-saw puzzles.  But during this Covid captivity, these puzzles have
saved my sanity.  And, quite to my surprise, I like putting them together.

Why are we hestitant to try new and different things?
Jig-saw puzzles, possibilities, the way we regard people.
I think it’s because I’m lazy.  Lazy.
It’s hard work to put the puzzle together,
It’s hard to put the pieces of life together
because that takes courage, open-mindedness, and
the release of long held certainties.

Just so you know, there are two more birds waiting
to appear in the puzzle.  Beautiful colors.
But they won’t come to life unless I put the pieces
together…and that will take patience,
perserverance, and the willingness to carefully
study each piece to see its uniqueness and
its value in the overall picture.

Would that we could regard every human being
with the same patience, value and importance in the
great picture of life.
But, isn’t that the way we have agreed to live?
Isn’t that who we are?
Isn’t that The Way?

One Response to “Puzzle Pieces”

  1. gz July 4, 2020 at 9:32 am #

    It is the Way and I keep trying.

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