Oh, Feathers!

29 Jun


There is a bird flying around somewhere and he’s missing a feather.
But, that’s not a big deal, is it?
Ornithologists, my big word for the day, report that preening and
plucking feathers is a big advantage for the average bird.  The
process releases a fine oil that aids in flying, and
the bird knows that in order to get a new feather,
an old feather has to go.  Is there something wrong with an
old feather?  Not really.  But the new feather is strong and
anchored deeply for smooth and safe flight.  In that
sense, the new is better than the old.
Make no application to human beings.
Having said that, I know some old birds that
would be better served with a few new feathers.
The old ones have served their purpose, or there have
been improvements in the newer model, or society has
moved on and old feathers don’t match the flying requirements
of the day.
Preening is painless and a new feather or two might just do
the trick in a time when we all need to fly a little higher.

Let him who has ears (and old feathers) listen…

One Response to “Oh, Feathers!”

  1. gz June 29, 2020 at 9:11 am #

    While preening make sure a good feather is not pulled out along with the old one.

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