Fire On The Mountain

7 Jun

How often I look to the mountain for strength when I am weak, for beauty when everywhere there seems to be ugliness, for peace when there is no peace.

And now the mountain burns. A lightening strike that could have touched anywhere. Majestic trees lining the upper ridges explode in the intense heat, animals scurry to find shelter, a thick blanket of gray smoke churns in the upward draft of heat, then lounges casually in the blackened canyons.

But when the smoke clears, revealing the charred surface terrain, there they are. The majestic faces. The unyielding foundation of the earth remains through it all. They will not be moved. They have seen it all before. The graceful giants have been battered by the moment, but they have stood like sentinels, commentators on the nature of creation.

So much of our taken-for-granted lives has burned away in massive contagion, blatant injustice, corruption and fear. We are not who we used to be. We will never be who we used to be. There is no going back. The grass will return to the mountain canyons and trees will grow where others used to stand, but it will all be new growth, fresh shoots of hope and opportunity. When the rains come and wash away the debris of yesterday, the mountain faces will shine again.

May they look down on a new world, a new mind and heart in their human neighbors, people scattering seeds of justice and hope and truth where hate and violence used to thrive. Through the explosions of pandemics, racial confrontations, economic disaster, and the reality of death…through all the fires surrounding us, may we emerge wiser, more compassionate, committed to justice for everyone, bringers of hope instead of hatred. May we be both seed scatterers and the seed itself. May all the things we think and say and do right now bring forth the green pastures and still waters of life as it should be.

One Response to “Fire On The Mountain”

  1. Carol D Munk June 7, 2020 at 12:57 pm #

    Amen to that. “Why can’t we all just all get along?”

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