23 May

Sometimes looking back over my shoulder puts life in
perspective. Sometimes I need to stand above the moment
in order to make sense of things that happen in my life.
It’s called seeing the bigger picture.
Today, focus big!
Let your mind and your heart be panoramic.
Life is too much a string of individual moments tenuously
connected on a fragile thread.
Do you think you could have seen this perspective
standing on the corner of Broadway and Alvernon?
In prayer, in meditation, in spiritual reflection we can be caught up
in the arms of a benevolent, Loving Creation whose desire is
for each of us to stand for a moment in awe and exclaim:
“Oh, my Lord!”
May you find your mountaintop moment as this day unfolds.

One Response to “Perspective”

  1. TS May 23, 2020 at 5:24 am #

    Yes yes. I seek and find those moments daily with the beauty around me. I treasure your daily encouragement.

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