A Pile Of Rocks

7 May


Almost everyday I drive by the art gallery on Egleston St.  This is
what one might call an “open air art gallery” because there is
no building with a sign in front, just a little patch of sandy
ground where the artistic creations are presented.

The anonymous artist started with one or two rock-art pieces, but, as
you can see, he or she is expanding.  Art has a way of doing that.
Called cairns, the rock-balancing creations are Scottish in their
ancestry and worthy of a stop and a quick iPhone photo.

What would you do if you were given a pile of rocks?  Some of us
would throw them at the sky, or line a flower bed, or toss them in
the nearest wash…they’re just rocks!  It is said that a brilliant sculptor
can look at a block of marble and see the detailed creation
still within the stone even before the chisel and hammer go to work.
This is seeing with the “inner eye”, or with the spiritual eye that
cuts through outer surfaces or barriers and “sees” that which is within.

Today you will have an opportunity to see with your “spiritual” eye.  And when
that moment comes, look beyond the obvious outer and see the essential inner.
You are the artist today.  Make something that blesses the world.
Don’t settle for the “taken for granted” or the “everyday common.”
That’s not just a pile of rocks, you know.
And you will have worshiped the Unique Creator.

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