Hints and Nudges

23 Apr

I have a theory about life.  It goes like this.  Human beings acquire things that represent who they are, who they think they are, or who they desire to be.  That’s it.

Here’s how it works for me.  Office supply stores are like invisible magnets with powerful force fields.  When I walk by the store, with no conscious intention of going inside, I find myself strolling along an aisle of office machines or reams of paper or tablet and journals.  It’s weird.  I am magically transported to a wall filled with hundreds of pens and pencils, writing instruments of varying  size, color, quality or cost.  I am a prisoner and the only way out of the store is to buy a new pen.  That explains why I have a sizable collection of fine pens…Waterman, Cross, Sheaffer.  I can’t count the times I’ve heard:  “You bought another pen!”

I also find myself inspecting personal journals.  I flip through the blank pages, test the binding and the overall quality of the book and realize that I could use it to collect memories or observations or ideas for later use.   In front of me now as I write is a stack of empty journals.  I won’t tell you how many, but I could make quite as few long trips before having to buy another one.

One other piece of my life development theory.  I love books.  At one point in my life, I had shelves crammed with beautiful books containing all sorts of wisdom and wonder.  Now my library has been reduced because of age, mine, and something called “downsizing”, the dreaded  affliction of advancing years.

Here’s my conclusion.  We are all gifted with interests, hopes, desires, inquisitive minds, the impulse to explore and we have a choice about how, or if, we turn the dreams into real life.  Everyone is gifted and the fulfillment of life is the exploration of all the hints and subtle nudges that cause us to be drawn toward something just beyond our finger tips.  And when that “something” is discovered and developed, we say “Yes” or “Thank you” for Creation’s gift.

Hints and nudges are often the keys to the joy of being.

5 Responses to “Hints and Nudges”

  1. Shirley Morris April 23, 2020 at 11:33 am #

    This is cute, funny and true…Ray must have been drawn to screwdrivers..just sayin’ Shirley

    • AZWriter April 23, 2020 at 12:46 pm #

      Miss seeing you. We send our love.

  2. gz April 23, 2020 at 2:15 pm #

    Here’s to the Hints and Nudges of life.

  3. elynnea April 24, 2020 at 8:14 am #

    I recently learned the concept of “right-sizing”. Makes some of those decisions easier for me. L

    • AZWriter April 24, 2020 at 9:00 am #

      What a good idea. We are moving again at the end of this year and I’ll remember your good idea. Stay safe and strong. R

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