Going In Circles

21 Apr


Instead of walking in circles today,
why not walk in a circle?
It’s called a labyrinth.  Maybe you’ve experienced the
spiritual power of this ancient structure.  There is one entryway
which leads you around a circular pattern until you reach
the very center of the feature.  There, spend a moment in prayer or
reflection, then reverse your course until you exit by the same way
you entered.  All along the slow walk, meditate on a subject, pray,
just use the time as a spiritual exercise.  Don’t rush.  Move slowly and
let your mind relax into the meditation.

This labyrinth is located in Oro Valley, but you will find many across the city,
particularly at churches or retreat centers.  In this time of stress and
concern, you might want to go online, find a labyrinth design and use it
in the safety and comfort of your home.  Use a pencil and trace slowly
around the design as you pray and meditate.

May the loving Spirit of God guide you through this day and bless
you in the journey.


One Response to “Going In Circles”

  1. gz April 21, 2020 at 4:02 pm #

    A far, far cry from running in circles.

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