Strength to Press On

19 Apr


DSC_0818 (2)

Life Giving God
When I see these stones, I think of You.
They speak of strength, so needed right now –
strength in facing difficulties,
strength to look beyond all chaos and
see glimpses of the Spirit

strength to “press on” and persevere.
Help me know the inherent strength
of the Spirit that lives within me.

Life Sustaining God
As You sustain even the smallest piece of
your creation, even the imperfect beauty of
these stones, so take the pieces of my
life and help me sort them as I
live this day.

Life Receiving God
My gifts are small but I pray that
you will bless them into a bountiful contribution
to the welfare of all You have created.
I offer them to you now as an act of
faith and commitment. Receive
the offering of myself, given
in sacred trust.

May all this be so as I walk the Way of
my Shepherd, my Light, my Constant Companion,
my Guide through all the moments of this day.


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