Replenishing and Renewing

2 Apr

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Lots of fond memories from lots of months and lots of miles on USS NASSAU (LHA 4).  When fully loaded, she carried several thousand people, all the vehicles for a US Marine
expeditionary group, and a squadron of Harrier jets.  You can imagine how much food, fuel, and general supplies were needed to keep the ship operational at sea for long periods of time.

The answer to that puzzle was the huge supply ship that pulled alongside and replenished necessary commodities while underway.  When we heard that a supply
ship was coming alongside, hearts beat a little faster and excitement rose on NASSAU
because there might be mail transferred to us and we wouldn’t have to eat brussels sprouts twice a day.  (You knew food supplies were running low when brussels sprouts began to appear regularly.)  So, at the appointed hour the supply ship came alongside
and ferried welcome pallets of this and that via metal cables extended between the two

I tell you this because during this awful time of Covid19, some of us are showing signs of running low on supplies of hope, courage, resolve, maybe even faith.  The very good news is that you and I can be supply resources for our friends and neighbors who are running low.  We can come alongside, perhaps only figuratively now, but we can phone, text, email, write a note, Zoom, etc. and make a life-giving contact…replenish and help restore the determination to press on.  So, as you are able, sail up alongside someone soon and offer him or her that which has been given to you…love, grace, and hope.

By the way, the supply ship did not know we needed a replenishment visit unless we sent a signal or message.  It was quick to respond once the signal went out.  Just in case you are eating lots of brussels sprouts and need something more, don’t be embarrassed to let it be known.  Spiritual health is vitally important right now and Good News is ready to come alongside.

One Response to “Replenishing and Renewing”

  1. gz April 2, 2020 at 10:40 am #

    I tried to trade our brussels sprouts to our neighbor in exchange for her chocolate chip cookies but she would have none of my friendly offer.

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