Be Beautiful!

30 Mar

IMG_0236 (2)

Nature tries so hard to be beautiful…and succeeds.

My grandfather was a wonderful artist as long as he put the right
colors in the correct numbered spaces.  He was a whiz at “paint-by-number”.
Do you remember the artist Bob Ross?  I used to watch his TV program
everyday.  That soothing voice…the casual way he seemed to
dab a little paint here and there and suddenly produce a
lovely landscape.  Whether it’s by-the-number or the effort of
a truly gifted artist, beauty lifts our spirits and helps us through
rough spots in life.  The trick is to see the beauty, to recognize it and
to appreciate it.  I hope today you will see beauty around you, and that
you will make some to share with the world.

You are the artist today.  Your life is the  canvas.
Be beautiful.

One Response to “Be Beautiful!”

  1. gz March 30, 2020 at 8:16 am #

    The way you describe the manner in which Bob Ross went about his program is much the way I would describe the manner in which you went about giving a sermon. And when it was over, I wished for more.I will try to beautify my canvas.

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