Precision and Perfection

22 Mar

IMG_0208 (3)

When I saw this small patch of grass at our local park
I thought of several people I know whose lives
are so balanced, so even and graceful.  Life has
a flow and natural precision that exude
contoured confidence.
Only a few.
Most of us live lives that resemble wild weed patches.
Wild flowers help, but most of our days are
unpredictable, filled with unexpected
U-turns, a few detours, and an
occasional dead-end road.
But somewhere embedded
in that wild terrain is a moment of remarkable creativity
or flashes of unstructured spontaneity.  Living a life of
manageable unpredictability makes the air
smell sweeter, roses shine brighter after
the rain, and the faces of passersby
gifts of interest instead of
objects of indifference.

It occurs to me that Jesus lived a kind of spontaneous
relationship with life and life’s Creator.  I don’t
think he was smooth edges and rounded
curves.  There was a tender tension
that kept him alert to the beauty in
a wild flower, or jagged rocks,
or abandoned people.  He
was grounded in the
unkempt ground
of life.
And because of that, He could love without
predetermined limits.  The only limit in
his often chaotic life was that which
came from his understanding of
the purpose of the One who
filled his mind and heart.
Trying to live in the precision of perfection is like
wearing a shoe that’s too tight when all the time
Life is calling us to take off our shoes, feel the
pulsing of the earth under our feet and to
step gently among the wild flowers.

One Response to “Precision and Perfection”

  1. gz March 23, 2020 at 8:24 am #

    You help me step gently.

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