Abundant Light

19 Mar


The ocean is so big and the light is so small.
One light, even of great strength, cannot find all who
wander in the darkness.  One light is simply insufficient
to make the darkness go away.

Ah, but there are more lighthouses than you realize, and
they’re not only on the joining of sea and sand.
They are in the café in Los Angeles, a market in the
heart of Minneapolis, a fast-food stop in St. Louis.

Darkness was chased away when a patron in a Pittsburg
restaurant left  $2,500 tip on a bill of $16.  “Pay your staff if they
get laid off,” the note read.

There is a lighthouse at a local gas station in Round Rock, Texas where
the provider of light and human kindness paid for her fill-up and
left an extra $300 with the manager.  “Watch for the next 10
families who stop for gas.  Apply this money toward their
gasoline bills.”

Denver, Des Moines, Dallas…there are lighthouses everywhere!
And they shine the light of hope all across the land,
especially now as we are feeling more and more
isolated and alone, scared by the sinister
threat of illness.

It is easier to bear the darkness when you realize
that the light of human kindness
still survives.

One Response to “Abundant Light”

  1. Terry Rosato March 19, 2020 at 11:37 am #

    Thank you for this, Roger! I so needed to hear these eloquent words and your beautiful metaphor. Blessings.

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