Prayer at 4 a.m.

12 Mar

I’m having difficulty focusing on important
prayer topics for this early morning.
My mind is still sleepy,
my eyes are heavy,
and I am distracted by
back pain and a black dog.

Speaking of pain, I was surprised to
learn that my friend Jim is
in the hospital with a bad
case of pneumonia.
Need to send a card.

Prayer!  Focus!

I caught a glimpse of an early headline
as I was pouring coffee a few
minutes ago.  This ugly virus
is spreading even more rapidly.
I’m rethinking some travel.
Terrible stuff!

Drifting again!  Focus!

By the way, did you happen to see
the homeless man near the mall
yesterday?  He had the most forlorn
looking dog by his side.  How an
he feed himself and that cute dog?

There I go again!

I am determined to think of something
or someone to pray for…but, one
last thought and then I’ll really
concentrate.  Politics!  Elections!
Debates!  I’ve had it up to here!
Do you think we’ll ever figure
out how to get along?

Ok, that’s it.
Enough of these distractions.
I want to think of some important
things to prayerfully

I’ll call you later and we can talk
about these other things.





One Response to “Prayer at 4 a.m.”

  1. gz March 12, 2020 at 7:26 am #

    That is quite a prayer list you could not focus on.

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