My Pal, Sal

6 Sep


Meet my Portland pal, Sal.
So gentle, so calm, so docile.
So wrong.
Inside that fur is a calculating canine whose sole purpose
in life is to rid the earth of all edible substances.
It doesn’t even have to be food.

She almost burned the house down once when trying
to get to a slice of pizza on the kitchen stove.  Who
knew that a dog’s paw could turn the burner knob
to the “High” setting?
The firemen said “that is one determined dog”, especially
when Sal tried to lick the cutting board the firefighter had thrown
out into the back yard.  It was still burning.

Sal has big, pleading eyes.  Don’t all dogs?
She tries the famous “stare down” technique
at meal time.  I’m never quite sure if she’s
looking at me or the hamburger in my hand.
Sal is intense.  Do dogs blink?

So, here’s to  my pal, Sal.  May Beagle heaven be
made up of burgers and bagels. In the meantime,
if you’re ever in Portland and you see a bouncy,
little Beagle approaching,
don’t turn your back on your hotdog!

Ah, these wonderful animal
companions.  Don’t they make life sweet?
And expensive.

One Response to “My Pal, Sal”

  1. Carol September 7, 2019 at 11:45 am #

    Sounds a like our yellow lab we had once, no filling her up!! Suggest you go to you tube and ask for “ GoD and DoG” I’m sure you will like it!! I want to think that ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN!

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