Lift Off!

27 Aug

DSC_0211 (1)

I admire beautiful birds in flight.
Such graceful power.
I would love to rise in the wind as they do.

Someone told me a long time ago:  “Son, if
God wanted humans to fly, he would have
given us wings!”
If I could find that old wise man, I would tell
him:  “Well, God did…and I can fly!”
And today I intend to do just that.
I will watch for the fresh breeze of the Spirit
and I will catch the current and be lifted by that
source of strength.
I may not have wings, but I will not be limited by
that minor technicality.  I have a relationship with the
wind and the sky and the One who created it all and
who awakened the desire in me to soar in the Spirit.

My only problem is that I need a flying partner.
It’s a big sky…lots of room for everyone.
So, how about flapping your wings today
and feeling the lift of the Spirit?
I’ll look for you!
We’ll do cartwheels through the clouds!

One Response to “Lift Off!”

  1. gz August 27, 2019 at 10:21 am #

    I’m also going to dive-bomb my loved ones. See you out there.

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