Morning Metaphor

6 Aug


Time to think about Sunday’s sermon.
“Where your treasure is…”
What DO I treasure?
“do not worry about your life…”
Worry?  Doesn’t everybody?
“the Mindful Presence provides all you need…”
Really?  Sometimes I have to be reminded
that I already possess the ultimate treasure.
Perhaps it’s better to say “it possesses me.”
I am an integral part, connected to each
element and fragment of the grand gift.

To think more about my ultimate treasure,
I decided to take Maggie for her
morning walk.
She’ll sniff everything and I’ll ponder one thing.
Making the last turn toward home,
I looked up and saw it…the subtle reminder.

No, not the astonishing eastern sky,
even as beautiful as it is,
but what it means in this moment.
The Ultimate Treasure in plain
view, painted across the dawn
sky.  Revelation.
“Where your treasure is, there your
heart will be, too.”
The Morning Metaphor.

Thanks be to God!

One Response to “Morning Metaphor”

  1. gz August 6, 2019 at 8:57 am #

    Thanks be to God for working through your efforts. When I think of my Ultimate Treasure I am untroubled which I do not think has anything to do with our soon to be move to Carefree Street.

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