Beautiful Sky

30 Jul


What do you see in that ominous sky?

A reminder that life can be cruel and dark?
A sign that delicious rain is about to appear?
A velvet backdrop to the mountain’s glow?
Quiet beauty before the storm?
Perhaps no words can describe
the gift, the power and
charm in the dark

What do you see in the bright morning sky?

An invitation to sing to the glorious dawn?
A reminder that the colors of life are
not always somber and dark?
A statement that no two clouds are
alike, but all are still quite beautiful?
Perhaps words fail and the
eyes of the heart
are the only
ones that
can see.

One Response to “Beautiful Sky”

  1. gz July 30, 2019 at 9:31 am #

    “… eyes of the heart” – a beautiful sentiment and expression.

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