Deep Within

6 Jul

We met today in the dark hallways
of my soul, deep within the cavernous
void that used to be filled with ill-defined
certainty and inherited absolutes.

Why are you not out there, I wondered,
above the rough and tumble of life?
Celestial, where the faithful can call upon
you to solve and fix?  Where pain and
pestilence challenge eternal motives
in cosmic contests.
“I Am”

How, then, can you abide within the joys
and sorrows of a single human life?  Breath
and molecule and sinew, the grand essence
of who we are?  Are you not the still, small
voice rising from the chambers of the soul?
“I Am”

The sound of water over green stones
in the creek, chatter from the cactus
wren, so much reminds me of what I
think I know about you, and when I
ask the wind and the stars for the
sacred key to unlock the fullness of
our encounter, they laugh.
“You are the key.”

Deep with you is the essence of who
you are.  Neither seek nor summon God.
Listen to the song that sings you into
existence in the delicate light of
morning and to the melody that slowly
fades as heavy eyes surrender to sleep.
Stay in the void.  Do not be afraid of
the almost-familiar mystery moving
with graceful ease within the shadows
and contours of your hope.  Light will come.
Be still and listen for Love’s first words.
“I Am.”

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