Faithful Shepherd

28 Jun

One hundred sheep and one runs away.
Will he live to see another day?
Will the shepherd find traces of flesh and bone?
Death awaits the lamb, lost and alone
in this wild and vicious land.

It’s only one sheep, so let it go.
It should not have wandered and been so slow.
Your job is to mind and faithfully keep
the rest of these nervous and valuable sheep.
Write it off as a business loss.

Wait!  Stop! Don’t leave the flock alone!
The owner will say that you’ve clearly shown
a lack of trust and no common sense.
You’ll be marked as a man of incompetence.
What if the wolves attack!

But he left the nervous, huddled sheep,
searched valleys and caves and rugged peaks
until he heard a muffled cry
of a little lamb about to die.
The lost is found and saved.

So the story is told again and again
of this remarkable, courageous, loving man
who brought the sheep home, everyone,
gave a party to celebrate what had been done,
the Good Shepherd who finds the lost.

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