Today Is The Day

31 May



When I turn out the light tonight and
snuggle into my bed, I will say to myself:
“Today I lived.”
I will not walk through another day
inattentive to invitations.

Every time I pass the little bookstore on
the boulevard I think:
Someday I want to go in and spend
time getting acquainted with the
lovely fragrance of books.
Someday is today.

My friend is recovering from serious
cardiac problems.  For the past
few days, I’ve had good intentions
about telephoning and letting
her know she is not forgotten.
Today is the day.

Before the sun disappears behind the
jagged mountains, as light fades and
the quiet of evening descends,
I will revisit the wonderful
adventures of the departing
day.  I will examine myself
against the backdrop of the
day’s experiences, and the
remarkable gift of living
these particular hours.
My last prayer before sleep
comes will be expressions of
gratitude for all the encounters
that enriched me and nourished
the self I think I know.


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