My Wounded Friend

31 Mar

My friend has a broken spine.
It has a lot to do with age.
It’s like her life is now in two sections,
everything before page 192 and
everything that follows,
all the way to 311.
While her wound is obvious,
she still welcomes me with sound advice
and special wisdom.

It is good to give thanks to You, O Beloved,
to sing praises to your Holy Name.

She knows how to help me move
into the new day.

It is good to affirm your steadfast love
in the morning…to the music of the spheres,

to the melody of the universe.

Sometimes when I am down or disillusioned,
she reminds me to be hopeful.

Though darkness covers most of the land
and violence seems to flourish,
Love gives birth to dazzling light, and,
like a laser, it shines through all that
is hidden.

When I sit with her, our of her brokenness,
she speaks amazing wisdom,
true for her day and true for mine.

Those who live with integrity are like
a garden in full bloom,

whose blossoms beautify the earth,
their produce nourishes all who

pass by.

I offered to take her to a spine
specialist, but she refused.
“I want you to see past my brokenness
and always remember that
the broken can be
the blessing.”

She has a special place on my
bookshelf.  She is my friend.


(Highlighted words from Nan Merrill,
“Psalms For Praying”)

2 Responses to “My Wounded Friend”

  1. gz March 31, 2019 at 4:56 pm #

    Without a spine that is broken our friend would not impart to us sound advice and special wisdom. She would be rigid and unbending, not easily forthcoming with important words.

    • AZWriter March 31, 2019 at 4:58 pm #

      Brokenness can be blessing.

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