What’s Up?

4 Mar

I expect the unexpected today.

I expect it will appear at exactly the time I
am not expecting it.

I’ve planned the day around appointments,
activities and events.
One of those is not Unexpected, but
it will happen anyway.

May I find within myself the capacity
to welcome it as merely another
feature of the day, one that
might have potential and
It’s not
problem, just
a different perspective.
Maybe it’s not about dread
but daring.  So, when it checks in,
I won’t check out.  I’ll just say “I’ve been
expecting you.”  It’s not a matter of friend
or foe…just “What’s up?”

Might even be one of those
blessings in unexpected disguise.

One Response to “What’s Up?”

  1. gz March 4, 2019 at 10:57 am #

    The ‘unexpected’ is the reason Bugs Bunny would always ask “What’s up Doc?”

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