Morning Gift

1 Mar


The first light of morning peers over

the mountain’s highest peak and

slides through deep cut canyons.

Its soft glow becomes an exclamation

point of substance and strength.

The mountain’s family, wild creatures,

big horn sheep and white

tailed deer, are warmed

by the gift of morning.  Pines

and spruce, every living thing

welcomes the day.  Light embraces

great granite boulders and sheer,

rugged faces of walls exposed

over centuries by wind’s

artistic breath.  The mountain

and all its children smile at the

blessing given and received.

Watching this act of indiscriminate

embracing, I feel  warmth on my face

and in my spirit.  No word can describe

the joy of inclusion in this breath-giving moment.

The valley shines and sparkles in the

rushing flood of Light.

It falls on everyone.



One Response to “Morning Gift”

  1. gz March 1, 2019 at 3:06 pm #

    The light is for us ALL

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