Sacred Cup

28 Nov


Could light exist if there was no darkness?
Is darkness defined by the absence of light?

Is one superior to the other?

In the dawning of each day I will look for commonalities.
I will be conscious of the potential that resides
in the space between opposing views,
in the tender territory where reason can
sit down with emotion and share a
cup of commonality.
Sacred cup.

I will hold the thread of hope lightly
but confidently, and I will trust you
to do the same.  It is the linkage,
the elusive strand that holds us and all things
together in a patchwork of opposites.
“We” don’t exist if there is no honoring the
value of courageous collaboration.

We will continue to grasp the illusion of strength
in foundations crafted on sand if we allow the thread
to be swept away by the voracious winds of
invective, insult, or indifference.

You and I can live in a world that is frayed around
the edges, but we cannot survive the unnecessary tragedy
of careless or intentional unraveling.


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  1. Judith Boroto November 28, 2018 at 2:40 pm #


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