Morning Star

23 Nov


A single star in the morning sky.
A pinpoint of light that fades with the dawn.
Will Spirits weep and Angels cry
when morning wakes, the curtain is drawn
and the solace of night is gone?

I’ll watch as the star fades in the light.
Goodbye, my friend.  May peace follow you
until, in the darkening shades of the night,
your elegant grace returns to my view.
Your remarkable glow makes everything new.

A single star in the morning sky.
Spirits weep and Angels cry.
So difficult to say Goodbye.
But quickly how the hours fly
and night comes round again.

2 Responses to “Morning Star”

  1. lalbright125 November 23, 2018 at 8:53 pm #

    I pray that I can see the beauty hat you express.

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