Nodding Offffffff

16 Nov

Tuesday morning, I think about nine,
I was feeling good, doing fine,
reading a book, completely resigned
to sppppppppppppppppppppp

More recently, at a grocery stop,
I sat in the car while my sweetheart shopped.
I said to myself:  “she won’t be long”,
and I was humming along with a
beautiful sonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

This nodding off is getting me!
What if I’m driving and hit a tree?
Or, eating soup or bending over
to tie my shhhhhhhhhhhh

Isn’t there a remedy
for this malady that torments me?
Is getting old the culprit here?
What really causes me to fear
is the thought that Mother Earth might quake
and souls ascend to heaven”s gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Hello!  Hi!   Anybody here?

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