He Knows A Thing Or Two Because…

7 Nov


Some people say he looks lonely,
standing there alone among all
the healthy, young growth.
But, he knows he is surrounded
by vibrant life.  And he is at peace.

Some say he is old and of no value,
but everyday tender voices rise
from the lush new growth around him:
“Grandfather, tell us
again about…”

A hiker commented the other day:
“Look at that ugly thing among all
the lovely green life.”
But just then a hawk detoured
off her early morning hunt to
circle the elegant artistry.
Round and round
she flew and each
time she sang a
song of grateful

Once I heard that people planned
to cut him down.  Eyesore.
Doesn’t fit the land anymore.
But Life rose in deliberate
“No!” said the yellow wild flowers.
“No!” called out the Mesquites,
long stretches of dry wash sand,
birds that heard the threat,
coyotes, nested owls,
reptiles, rocks still
exposed by recent
torrential rains.
In one clear and certain voice,
Creation said “No!”

The tree of majestic memory, bare
and brittle, swayed gently in
the caressing wind.  He seemed to all
around to shine ever so slightly.

“Time,” he said.  “Time.”

One Response to “He Knows A Thing Or Two Because…”

  1. Carol Lowry November 7, 2018 at 1:04 pm #

    This was just wonderful to read this morning. Thank you !

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