Looking At Your Feet

15 Sep

SS Sept 15Where I live, exercise walking is a year-round invitation. Pleasant in winter.  Hot in summer.  Inviting all the time. But here in the Sonoran Desert, there is competition for the pathway, especially early in the morning, the only time to beat the summer heat.

Lots of critters go hunting for breakfast about the time folks put on their walking shoes and hit the pavement.  So when I walk early in the summer months, I spend a lot of time looking down.  Watching the path or trail.  I’m not anxious to walk upon a pack of hungry coyotes, or a rattlesnake on the prowl, or maybe a bobcat crouched and waiting for breakfast to hop by….rabbits everywhere.  I won’t go into detail about menus for mountain lions because those sightings are rare, unless you like to early morning hike up in the nearby mountains.

So, my point.  Many of us have grown accustomed to “watching our feet” as we navigate twists and turns on the trails…or to keep eyes down on shadowy sidewalks.  Some of us even go through the rest of the day looking down.

But, Oh, the things we miss above our heads.  Just this morning, two hawks raced low through the trees, did an after-burner climb straight up into blue sky and then performed an acrobatic spectacle that matched anything I’ve ever seen in the human world.  They turned to face each other, beaks almost touching, made complete acrobatic rolls more than once, fell freely toward the ground, then gracefully defied gravity and soared again.  After a few minutes they parted, one heading east, the other zooming low over my head.  I applauded, clapped my hands.  I’ll bet he understood as he disappeared in the distance.

And then there is the early morning art work in the sky.  The sun brings a delightful art display almost every morning.  Makes you want to sit down on a big rock and take it all in…but check behind the rock first before sitting.

Looking down is important, no doubt.  Important and necessary. But when possible, look up and see all you’re missing.  One beautiful surprise after another waits above your heard.

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