Singing Sunday

2 Sep

We woke this morning into a world of escalating dualism, the state of opposites, radical difference, us and them.  I’d like to go back to sleep and try this waking thing all over again.  A different location?  But we all know this world is the only one we have, or the only one that will tolerate us.

So, sometime today do something that will nourish a movement away from deadly dualism.  Do or say something that will counter critical separation.  Pray it, sing it, whistle it, draw a picture…lots of way.  But just do it.  Will your effort matter in the long run?  I don’t know but, wonder of wonders, maybe my song will harmonize with your song.  And then we will be singing our song.

Will any of this be the doorway out of dualism?

Only if we sing.

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