Angels Moving

9 Apr

May I feel the movement of angels
around me this day.

Sometimes it seems that life is
coasting in neutral.  Seeing turns
to glazed stare.  Hearing shuts off
like having plugs in my ears.
without fanfare or flourish,
you appear in a translucent moment,
the almost of transparent clarity.
A beautiful moment.
You sing the song of a bird.
You paint the sky with sharply etched clouds.
You fall upon me like rain washing
and cleaning all it touches.
And in your appearing, you remind me
that I am alive,
that to be alive is to see creation
with your eyes and to pronounce
it holy and sacred.

For all who wait for you,
praying for awakening —
come and fill hearts with love.

Today I will feel the fluttering of angels
around me.
I know it.



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