An Idea

1 Feb

It appears in the deepest moment of sleep,
when darkness offers fertile ground for
the birth of dreams.  Against the backdrop
of the black curtain, a ribbon of soft light
falls and rises on an undetectable breeze.

Like the tail of a kite, it soars, dives, and rises
again, leaving a faint trail of sparkling dust
in its traveled path.  Perfect sleep is to
rest under the blanket of the warm light,
beneath the luminous canopy.

With the eye of my heart, I watch the
light stream summersault and
fall gently toward my face.
Closer, until with the delicacy of a weightless
feather, it rests on my forehead.

As sleep releases my hand, I wake slowly to
ripples of dawn’s light dancing on the shadowy
ceiling.  I am vaguely conscious of the night’s
visitation.  For a very brief moment, perhaps
as long as a breath, I wonder at the meaning
of it all.

Then, from a far corner of my waking mind
a newly formed awareness emerges, a
faint revealing beginning to find its definition,
discovering its substance.
In that numinous moment, there is
birthed into consciousness an Idea,
the sacred accomplishment of the human
mind touched by the animated
Light of Creativity.  All living beings,
all inanimate residents of the universe,
raise a symphony of joy for the
precious creation.

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  1. Judy Boroto February 2, 2018 at 2:10 pm #


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