29 Dec

Today I have lots of things to do,
important things, scheduled things
and with my first cup of morning
coffee, I ponder all my priorities.

Not now, Maggie, I’m pondering.

My black dog can be rather demanding
in the morning.  I fill her food dish,
do the ritual walk, wrap her pills in
a piece of cheese, and she still wants
her ears scratched.

Not now, Maggie, I’m reviewing my

And yet she persists.  Sitting at my feet
while I calculate time and distance
between appointments, her dark brown
eyes won’t let go of my face.  Her head
droops like an ignored child.  She waits.

Ok, lay down by the chair and I’ll give you
one hand for two minutes.

Her floppy ears are soft and warm, and it
doesn’t take long for her to slip off into
sleep, drawing deep breathes, snoring
contentedly.  I watch her broad chest
move up and down, strong muscles
relax in sheer enjoyment.  Only
yesterday, it seems, I could hold
her in one hand.  Now, ten years later,
she rises more slowly and doesn’t
run with the same bursting energy.

For about twenty minutes, I scratch
and she sleeps.  Pure peace.  It takes
a few more moments for me to realize
what is happening.  My appointment
book falls to the floor and with it the
requirements of my day.  It stays
there, pages askew, as I absorb
the moment.

I scratch, she sleeps.  And we
are both the better for it.

2 Responses to “Priorities”

  1. Mike and Joanne December 31, 2017 at 6:08 am #

    One of your BEST, Roger! Our Maggie concurs! Happy New Year!

    • rpiercetuc December 31, 2017 at 7:04 am #

      Thanks. Hope 2018 is the best! Let’s skip the birthdays. Maggie says hello to Maggie.

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