26 Nov

Today a lovely golden butterfly spreads her wings in the warm California sun and the cooling breeze from her rising tosses the curls of a child in Bolivia.

A soft pink rose, tended by a loving heart and gentle hands, unfolds her petals in a pristine French garden bounded by hedge rows and while lattice, and the fragrance of her birth crafts a smile on the face of a wheel-chaired man in Philadelphia.

Perhaps someday we will understand.

An obscene gesture made toward a women carrying  a placard pleading for peace and the end of brutality causes the globe to wobble in its celestial circles, to quiver among the planets.

One dark word spoken in hate confirms the depths of human cruelty, breaks the ancient axis of life, spinning the ball into endless universes.  The gasps of life fade slowly.

The strength of hate is greater than we know.

We who ride the ball into the darkness undoubtedly will mistake the rush of stars past our startled faces for the intervention of a benevolent mystery whose plan unfolds from humanity’s dissolving.

As we taunt and torture each other in the name of sovereign interest and economic necessity, we loosen the bolts which we name virtues, and as they fall one by one, we feel the distant shudder, the telling tremor that speaks our names.

Perhaps someday we will understand.


One Response to “Perhaps”

  1. Janie moss November 26, 2016 at 3:45 pm #

    Roger, so true but so sad.Beautifully written.

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