A Different Path

12 Jul


I’ve taken quite a few photos of pathways over the years.  They seem to draw my attention and ignite my imagination.  One thing of interest is that I’ve never found two identical pathways.  Each is unique with its own invitation to adventure or reflection.  So it occurs to me that the basic reality of a pathway is that it leads somewhere.  That’s why it exists.  It is, indeed, an invitation to move from here to there, but also an offer to discover something new.  Beyond the fundamental purpose of a pathway common to all, each one is special and inviting in its own way.  Perhaps that’s the way it is in one’s spiritual journey.  Many of us are following chosen faith pathways that we hope will lead to discovery, but we are wise to recognize that, like spokes leading to the center of the wheel, spiritual pathways come from all directions and point us toward a common center.

The good news is that for the person who follows his or her chosen way, discovery waits just around the corner.

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