My Day

7 Nov

My Day

Some days start out so good!
I feel fine.
I dance and sing.
I smile at the world.
And then
The phone rings or
the doorbell calls or
the cat throws up or
the dishwasher decides to die or
I step on my glasses.
I didn’t plan any of this.
Go away, Unwanted.
Get lost, Unexpected.
I end up in a place
I didn’t plan to be,
Between exasperated and enraged.
My boat that set out on calm waters
Is stranded, held captive,
Useless and helpless in the arms of futility.
And then, with clearer eyes
And calmer breath
I discover that the view is pretty good
From here.
I can see new horizons,
Broader landscapes,
Roads that were lost
In the confusion
Flowers blooming on a distant hill.
My plan is history.
My day is hopeful.

One Response to “My Day”

  1. 14250sc January 18, 2014 at 5:28 pm #

    A glass half full. A positive poet…

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