Appreciating The Obvious

11 Jun

One thing you learn to appreciate very quickly in the Sonoran Desert is air conditioning. 106 degrees outside today. AC is nice…very nice.

Now that summer has set in I begin to hear “heat” stories. Everybody’s got one, like this. A friend told me recently that she set out the evening meal for her adult German Shepherd dog, a bowl filled with his favorites. But since the bowl was in the kitchen, a room that catches the full blast of the evening summer sun and is therefore quite warm, the dog paused for a few moments, picked up the full dish in his mouth and carried it into the living room. Much cooler in the shaded room…much better for a good supper!

Appreciation is running through my mind these days, especially since I heard Lynne Twist, author of the very good book The Soul of Money, comment about the things we too often take for granted. She said: “What you appreciate, appreciates.” When I slow down enough to notice and value the things I have and the things around me, I begin to see the beauty, value, and benefit of those things. When I stop the endless quest for “more”, I discover that what I have is of great value and its value is enhanced by my appreciation. Common things. Everyday stuff.

How about you? What would be on your list of things in your life that you deeply appreciate? Intently value?

Let me start the list for you…
Friendships, sunrise, conversations, songs, cool wind, fresh rain, second chances, lovely flowers you pass each day. Now you finish the list. Make it your own. Sit down, look around, and appreciate. What you appreciate, appreciates.

One Response to “Appreciating The Obvious”

  1. Eric Carr June 12, 2013 at 6:50 am #

    I’ve learned to appreciate even the things that at first seem hurtful. When I was going through a very hard time several years ago I was praying and heard an inward voice say, “You’ve already paid the price, so you might as well get everything you can out of this.” I’d already suffered the loss, but in mining the loss for lessons learned, spiritual growth, new attitudes, appreciation of changes, new perspectives, doors opening or closing etc., I was able to see that any loss can be redeemed if we find something good in it. It’s helped me many times, and has become foundational to my gratitude. It’s not always easy, and sometimes it takes a long time to see the gift wrapped up in all that pain, but I know that I can always find a treasure buried somewhere even in the deepest of life’s heartaches if I look hard enough. I don’t generally like to make “always” statements, but I do think there is almost always something to be grateful for.

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