A Courtyard of Diversity

6 May

I shared a bench today with a man reading a paperback novel. He was on one end turning pages. I was on the other end tapping the screen of my iPad. Two different worlds but joined in the common appreciation of the display before us. That display was a visual delight, one that came together with bright colors on fluttering banners, elementary school children, skipping and dancing, then walking in an almost straight line behind their teacher, shoppers pointing into windows and chatting softly, warm and welcoming Spanish architecture full of stucco archways and soft curves, lovely shade trees moving in the gentle wind, even a light offering of easy jazz as a backdrop to the moment. My bench-mate put his book down as I laid my electronic book aside to take in the lovely spectacle. After a few minutes he turned my way and smiled. I returned his smile: “So many different things to see”, I commented. He was quiet for a moment and then offered one perfectly descriptive word: “Delicious”.

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