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Look Up Today

9 Jul

“I can see how it might be possible for a man
to look down upon the earth and be
an atheist, but I cannot conceive
how a man could look up into
the heavens and say there is
no God.”
Abraham Lincoln

Look up sometime today.
Look above the noise and confusion
of life, beyond suffering that
refuses human reason,
above anger and malice
that defy common sense.

For this one day, raise your
eyes, your mind, your awareness
above headlines and
talking heads outshouting
each other.

Do not look down today
lest you miss Hope
skywriting images
and signs of
the possible.

Look up.
Raise your hands to heaven.

Deep Within

6 Jul

We met today in the dark hallways
of my soul, deep within the cavernous
void that used to be filled with ill-defined
certainty and inherited absolutes.

Why are you not out there, I wondered,
above the rough and tumble of life?
Celestial, where the faithful can call upon
you to solve and fix?  Where pain and
pestilence challenge eternal motives
in cosmic contests.
“I Am”

How, then, can you abide within the joys
and sorrows of a single human life?  Breath
and molecule and sinew, the grand essence
of who we are?  Are you not the still, small
voice rising from the chambers of the soul?
“I Am”

The sound of water over green stones
in the creek, chatter from the cactus
wren, so much reminds me of what I
think I know about you, and when I
ask the wind and the stars for the
sacred key to unlock the fullness of
our encounter, they laugh.
“You are the key.”

Deep with you is the essence of who
you are.  Neither seek nor summon God.
Listen to the song that sings you into
existence in the delicate light of
morning and to the melody that slowly
fades as heavy eyes surrender to sleep.
Stay in the void.  Do not be afraid of
the almost-familiar mystery moving
with graceful ease within the shadows
and contours of your hope.  Light will come.
Be still and listen for Love’s first words.
“I Am.”

The Gift

4 Jul

“Our American heritage is threatened as much
by our own indifference as it is by the most
unscrupulous office or the most
powerful foreign threat.  The
future of this republic is
in the hands of the
American voter.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

They gathered in the Philadelphia
State House, July 4, 1776
and they said this:

All people are created equal.
All people.

All people have basic human rights
given to them because they are
human, given to them by
The Source and Author
of Life, not by any
human institution.

Government exists to protect those rights:
Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness,
to protect them, not to control them.

Government exists by the consent of
all the people, not by the dictates,
desires, or distorted dreams of
any one person or

They gathered in the Philadelphia
State House, July 4, 1776,
and they said this to the
colonies becoming
a nation:

We sign our names to this document
to give birth to a majestic idea,
Democracy, and we give it
to you to cherish,
defend and
We the people.

“It is not the hand that signs the laws that
holds the destiny of America.
It is the hand that casts
the ballot.”
Harry S. Truman

Show Me

2 Jul

“A true leader has the confidence to stand alone,
the courage to make tough decisions, and
the compassion to listen to the needs of
others.  He does not set out to be a
leader but becomes one by the
quality of his actions and
the integrity of his intent.”
–Douglas MacArthur


Show me what you speak.
Turn words into work.
Touch my heart,
not my mind alone.
Leave traces of integrity
everywhere you go,
compassion as the result
of your presence.
Be mercifully just and
honorably courageous,
and I will follow you into any darkness.


“Leadership is a potent combination
of strategy and character.  But if
you must be without one, be
without strategy.”
–H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.