Decisions At Dawn

28 Feb

I have choices to make at the dawn of this day,
and what I decide very well may
determine the fate of humanity,
everything rests on little old me.
But I shall not surrender to evil or fear,
let me make this point perfectly clear.
You, too, have a role in this dawning day.
So much depends on what we say,
but even more on what we do.
I ask you, my friend, to think this through.
Let’s live today as if the last,
honor the moment, release the past,
look for the best, expect nothing less,
love from the heart, help clean up the mess
that violence and greed always leave behind,
live from the heart as well as the mind.
Yes, I have a role to play in this day.
With courage and faith, come what may,
I’ll live for the best, the highest good.
Do you think there’s a way, that maybe we could
walk together across the stage,
make a difference somehow on history’s page?
We have choices to make at the dawn of the day.
Together, let’s choose what to do, what to say.
If we have the will, there will be a way.
Here, take my hand. Let’s welcome today.

One Response to “Decisions At Dawn”

  1. gz February 28, 2023 at 7:52 am #

    Your words today are expressed in a way that is rather light, about traveling the path of doing right. I will join you for the walk and take the stand. Thanks for the offer of your hand.

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