Archive | November, 2019

Beautiful Bug?

9 Nov



I don’t know what his name is; something elegant, I imagine.
It looks like he’s dressed for an evening on the town.
Those lacy wings, for instance.  Now there’s an amazing piece
of attire, and his color combination is striking.
The single yellow line from head to tail, little yellow
dots…perfectly spaced…on his back legs, fancy beads
on the antennae, and that clever yellow band around
the hard protector at the base of his wings.

Everything about this creature is spectacular!
So don’t overlook the little things today.
Be grateful for beauty found in the often overlooked.

Life Lesson

4 Nov


Momma, am I a pumpkin?

Of course you are.  Why do you ask?

Well, I’m not orange like all the other pumpkins.
And the new pumpkin family that moved in down the street
pointed at me today and said: “What is that?  He’s not  a
real pumpkin.  Real pumpkins are orange.”

Sweetheart, sometimes it’s difficult to be different.  It’s
true that many pumpkins are orange, but we’re not.  That
doesn’t mean that we are less than any other pumpkins,
even orange ones.  We are special, I guess.  One of the things
you’ll learn someday is that when a pumpkin is different, like color,
size or weight, there might be others who will make fun or call names.
You have such beautiful colors; in fact, more than one, so you
are extra special.  Please don’t let others’ meanness make you sad.
Maybe they just want to be as beautiful as you.

Okay, Momma.  But I don’t like to be called names just
because I’m a different color.

(Even pumpkins feel the pain of prejudice.}

Morning Beauty

2 Nov


Want a taste of beauty today?
Take a look.
I never knew brown could look so good!
The glistening color is liquid, running freely over a pure white surface.
Wing edges are scalloped for efficient flight,
a dash of soft red on the back and a sense of fragility and
strength at the same time.
I’m glad the Butterfly Maker thought this particular design
into being and set the golden color in just this way,
then instructed the wind to carry her to my backyard bush
and opened the eyes of my spirit
to see incredible beauty.