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Very Disturbing

1 Apr

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.”
The audacity!  The arrogance!

That’s what I read
and that’s what I thought
when I pulled up behind the
car at a stop sign.

There it was for the whole world to see!
The driver of that car was “disturbed” because
my faith is lacking?  He knows?
Why would someone put that license plate
holder on their car?  Why advertise

But I know the sad answer to my question.
It’s because the world is populated by
folks who judge themselves superior and
don’t mind telling you so,
who pass judgement on the basis
of their standards, the litmus marks
of right/wrong, good/bad, faithful/lack of faith.

So, I’m having a special license plate holder made with
the following inscription:
“I am disturbed by your being disturbed
by what you assume to be the
quality of my faith,
which you know nothing about.”

So there!
It’s going to be a big license plate holder.
Now I’ve got to find that guy.